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How many runners out there can say that they have gotten through a whole year without niggles?  And how many times have those niggles resulted in missed runs?  Finding the time to take proper care of ourselves, so that we can help to prevent those niggles and so keep running, can be tougher than any of our training sessions sometimes!  Time is a precious commodity and there’s never enough of it, right! 

Making sure that you do run specific exercises to maintain flexibility, mobility and to build muscle strength and endurance for our runs is vital and yet, it’s something a lot of us struggle to find time for.

James Dunne, a running coach and rehab specialist, has developed a great programme for runners and triathletes that introduces bite size sessions that take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete, of strength and mobility exercises that we can easily fit in around our runs, so that we don’t have to find time for extra training sessions.

As a runner, I’ve attended one of James’s’ run technique sessions, as well as participating in some of his CPD courses in my role as a Soft Tissue and Sports Massage Therapist and so know that he knows what he’s talking about!  I regularly recommend his online resource, Kinetic Revolution, to my clients as a great source of information.  An easy way to start introducing some valuable exercises to your run training, is to sign up to his 30 DAY CHALLENGE – it’s FREE, you’ll get DAILY EMAILS talking you through the exercises for that day, along with ACCOMPANYING FREE VIDEOS so that you know exactly what to do and how not to do it, as well as the support of an online community.  I’m now part of his BULLETPROOF RUNNERS, a great progression from the 30 Day Challenge.

For anyone who is serious about doing what they can to stay injury free, just follow this link: