Soft tissue therapy and sports massage isn’t just for sports people. If you suffer from work or postural related tension, or have a few niggles developing, then sports massage may benefit you.

I also work closely with the physiotherapists at one of Leicestershire’s leading physiotherapy and sports injury clinics to ensure that communication, your care and progress are seamless.

I approach every client in a holistic way and will actively cross-refer with your physio, osteo, personal trainer, GP etc to ensure that you receive the most appropriate soft tissue therapy.

Sports Massage: 

Sports Massage

Soft tissue sports massage helps to:

  • Speed up your recovery following a hard training session, so that you're in the best possible condition for your next session.
  • Relieve muscle soreness, tension and stiff joints.
  • Improve circulation & increase blood supply to your muscles.
  • Prevent injury as well as aid post-injury recovery.
  • Increase your flexibility, improve your posture and body alignment.
  • Improve and help to maintain muscle tone.
  • Nourish the skin & aid desquamation (exfoliation).
  • Stimulate the release of endorphins, the body's natural painkillers.
  • Reduce mental stress & promote mental relaxation.


Sports Massage:  

Initial Assessment:  £40 (approximately 75-90 mins)

Further Appointments:  £35 for 1hr; £25 for 30mins.  


Kinesiology Taping:

Kinesiology Tape

Kinesiology Taping is now being used widely within every sporting sector throughout the world.  As it mimics the human skin, it's application doesn't restrict movement and so allows the athlete to continue with their activity.

It works by lifting the skin, which decompresses the tissue beneath and thus:

  • Controlling and reducing swelling, helping to rid toxins following an injury or inflammation and allowing better blood flow which in turn brings oxygen and nutrients to aid recovery.
  • Helps to stabilise areas of instability through posture control by enhancing our movement awareness i.e. our proprioception
  • Is used to support weakened muscles and other soft tissue and offloads the pain caused by muscular strains and ligament sprains.

Once applied, the tape can last from 3–7 days and can be used in the shower and whilst swimming.


Starting from £5, depending on body part(s) to be taped.  Please contact me for details.

Event Support: 

Event Support

I provide both pre and post event sports massage. If you're organising an event and require a sports masseuse or soigneuse, in the UK or abroad, please contact me for more details

Upcoming Events:

Events Worked At Include:

  • Tom's Trent Challenge, 11-19 July 2015
  • TROIS ETAPES TOUR, French Pyrenees, August 2014
  • TROIS ETAPES GIRO, 6-9 June 2014, Italian Dolomites
  • Cosaveli's Les Trois Etapes Pro-Am Cycling Challenge, July 2013
  • Dambuster Triathlon (World and European champs qualifier)
  • London Marathon
  • Leicester Marathon
  • Dambuster Duathlon (World champs qualifier)
  • Vitruvian Triathlon
  • Flashman Triathlon
  • The World’s Longest Cricket Marathon (Guinness Book of Records)
  • Rugby County League Games, Syston RFC
  • Five-a-side charity football tournament


Please contact me for more details & costings