What people are saying about JC Sports Massage

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Jo who joined the team recruited for the Trois Etapes 2013 by myself and a colleague. Jo is impressive. At interview Jo immediately came across as genuine, fun and hard working. Her hands spoke volumes of her anatomical knowledge, her feel and therefore application of techniques with her hands was outstanding compared to other candidates, these were the reasons Jo was selected. Great hands and a good work ethic - sold. 

On tour Jo was irreplaceable, she was funny, great to be around, she was hard working and professional. Jo's clients loved her, everyone she treated wanted to see her and only her again. Clients gave feedback that she was amazing. Jo is amazing, she knows exactly what she is feeling as it is happening and as things are changing, she can pick out where to work and how to achieve a result. Lots of people can do this, however Jo has a motivation to impress and succeed with her treatments. Knowledge and technique is enough, however, coupled with the dedication, motivation and personality Jo has makes a winning formula. Truly you are in greats hands with Jo, I look forward to working with her again and would happily refer clients to her without hesitation. 

Thanks Jo."

Russell Stocker MCSP SRP

"Jo has been instrumental to helping me achieve my goals.  She understands a lot more than just massage and takes a holistic approach to her treatment.  Her grounding in sport means that she understands the fears and concerns of athletes and her coaching experience allows her to suggest how improvements in sports technique may help prevent injury and niggles. Jo treats each of her clients as individuals and tailors her treatments to suit their needs.  She takes her time and doesn't just treat the immediate symptoms but looks beyond that to the root cause. I am proud to be able to include Jo in the team who helped me through my training and to achieve my lifelong ambition to swim across the English Channel."

Carmen Scales, Channel Swimmer

"Jo was a delight to have on Tour.  She's a true professional, calming, relaxing and thoroughly helped my legs get ready for the show.  Thanks so much Jo."

Callum Spencer, Lead Dancer, Riverdance 2016

"As a competitive age group triathlete with a challenging training regime, I would not be able to recover adequately and continue pushing myself without the regular work that Jo puts in. Her warm and friendly manner coupled with her obvious knowledge of the therapies and their applications make her an easy choice to include as a part of my training programme.  Thanks Jo.”

Spencer Thomas, Team GB Age-Group Triathlete 

"Jo provided an excellent service.  Her professional and friendly demeanour created a comfortable environment.  She catered to our individual needs and after receiving my treatment, I felt relaxed and ready to perform!"

Emma Warren, Lead Dancer, Riverdance 2016

"I train on a regular basis in both football and karate and I used to pick up lots of small injuries.  Since having a monthly maintenance massage, I have had significantly fewer of these injuries and my performance has improved as a result."

Lucy Whitfield, WIKF Junior World Champion, 2013


"I approached Jo having never had sports massage of any form before and I haven't looked back since. The work she does with me is invaluable to my performance, my health and also the longevity of my career performing as an elite athlete. Jo was quick to assess the causes for any problems I had and she approached them in a methodical manner that guaranteed improvement or solution. I have never felt uncomfortable nor rushed in Jo's presence, as she is a very friendly and well mannered person; she also is very informative about her work giving you extra reassurance you are in capable hands. Her knowledge is extensive and my body and muscle composition is testament to the quality of work she performs - would recommend her without second thought."

Ryan Dickin, GB Wheelchair Rugby Talent Development Team


 "Jo is extremely friendly approachable and first and foremost listens to what you have to say and after this she develops an approach which is considerate, pragmatic and relevant to your needs.

In July 2015 I swam the length of the River Trent - 139miles over 9 days, without Jo (who massaged me by the river each day) this would have been extremely difficult/not possible. I've continued to see Jo since completing my challenge which is the highest of praises and testament to her skills. 

Her knowledge of the anatomy is fantastic explaining everything as she goes. She develops the massage constantly reacting to your reactions as she moves through different areas, she leaves no stone unturned to get to the root of the problem and then looks at all angles to rehabilitate the recovery. She has great experience and commitment in spades, and provides extended support too. I will be forever grateful to Jo for all the help and support throughout all my challenges past and future."

Tom Milner, OW Endurance Swimmer, Marathon Runner


"I’ve been going to Jo for a number of years and I have really benefitted from her knowledge and expertise.  She doesn’t “just” provide a sports massage - she always looks at the whole picture – what my training, racing and work is like, and will come up with the right way to treat me, and will advise on key stretches and offer taping to provide additional support. Sessions never feel rushed, and it always feels like Jo has spent time pre- and post- massage researching treatment options and stretches to help me, and having recently been injured, Jo has been key in making it possible for me to continue to train and race."

Sam Rankin, Team GB Age-Group Triathlete


 "Whilst I have been training for triathlons, my body gets tight, tired and often I will experience niggles that threaten to stop me from training. Jo is very attentive and knowledgeable. She will adapt her massages to suit my training and racing periods, helping me to recover well and working on avoiding injury. I look forward to the massages and come away feeling less stiff, and able to carry on training. Jo offers great advice on stretching to supplement her work and aid recovery."

Lesley Booth, Team GB Age-Group Triathlete